The University Of New Mexico

ActiveXperts Network Monitor

ActiveXperts Network Monitor is a lite and easy to use network, device, and application monitoring tool. With its rich Visual Basic engine, it excels at keeping track of adopted Internet Protocols (DNS, FTP, HTTP(s), IMAP, LDAP, SSH, etc.), popular OSs (Windows, Linux/Unix), and mainstream databases (MS Access, MS SQL, ODBC, Oracle, MySQL, etc.). With the right setup, ActiveXperts can even monitor conventional devices, such as automatic doors and temperature probes.


AutoIt is a free scripting language designed for automating tasks within the Windows (OS) GUI. Its capabilities range from as simple as running a script to as complex as performing end-to-end user-simulation on web/platform applications.

Groundworks Opensource

With Groundwork Monitor, organizations leverage the flexibility and low cost of open source tools to achieve enterprise-level availability, performance, service level reporting, and operational efficiency. Groundwork Monitor provides:
  • A portal-based interface
  • Application monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • System administration
  • Advanced management reporting

Arbor SP

Peakflow SP is an integrated platform for network-wide infrastructure security, measurement and traffic-monitoring. Designed to scale with your network and customer base, the platform provides a single, consolidated view that delivers unparalleled visibility across your entire network. Peakflow SP immediately identifies and surgically blocks developing threats so you can avoid service interruptions. It compares real-time network traffic against baseline definitions of normal network behavior - immediately flagging all anomalies whether they are the result of security hazards (such as DDoS attacks, worms or botnets) or network issues (such as traffic and routing instability, equipment failure or misconfigurations).

Arbor X

Arbor Networks' Peakflow X security platform was purpose-built to meet the demands of the largest enterprises, addressing a wide range of external and internal security threats while maintaining business continuity. It constructs a system-wide view of the entire network, auto-learning host behaviors to determine who talks to whom, and how.

Concord eHealth

Concord eHealth is a network performance management product that ensures the quality of service across your entire heterogeneous network infrastructure. It allows you to manage a diverse collection of devices from numerous vendors, isolates the source of performance degradation, minimizes recurring WAN expenses, and provides detailed reporting.


Spectrum is a network fault management system that provides proactive management of the network infrastructure through patented root cause analysis, impact analysis, event correlation and service level management.